One Straw At A Time

The negative impact that is caused by plastic straws is one that we all can quickly help reverse.  The easy fix of a reusable straw is a clever idea for a huge probelm.

Images of what plastic pollution does to the planet.

When straws cover and pollute, living things are affected.  

"A Powerful Fix, To A Destructive Problem"

The destruction plastic has caused to our planet is of devastating magnitude. Reusable straws are a quick and efficient aid in bringing about the type of positive change our planet needs.
Sandra Aubery

Same Use,
Huge Benefits

While performing the same function as plastic straws,  a reusable straw lessens the negative impact of plastic pollution.

Save The Turtles,
Save the Planet

Turtles, as well as all other marine life, are impacted gravely by plastic pollution.  Help make a difference!

Understand The Mission

We strive to bring positive change to the planet.  Though it may seem a small thing, we know it will make a HUGE difference!

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Solving a Destructive Issue!

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