Plastic Pollution

What You Might Not Know About Plastic Straws

As one who was born in 1990, I am well-conditioned into those things that the ’90s propagated. Though, the problem of plastic pollution began in 1907, when plastic was first synthesized. Since its arrival, plastic has morphed into a beast that, I doubt, anyone ever expected.

While plastic gained more and more popularity, straws came to be used more and more often.

Plastic pollution has become a monster that must be slain before it overtakes us and the planet we inhabit.

In the 1930s, with the invention of the “bendy straw”, hospitals were thrilled at the product’s ability to serve those that were bedridden.

During the second world war, plastic was being produced at unprecedented amounts, so by the end war, plastic producers needed a new market to sell to.

Being easier and cheaper to produce than paper straws, plastic straws become the go-to product for the country’s straw producers.

Nobody foresaw the impact that was imminent. In 1950 alone, 1.5 million flipping tons of plastic were produced. This dwarfs 2015’s, 322 million tons of plastic by a long shot.

While recent bans on straws are definitely in a step in the right direction, it is up to us as individuals to forthrightly confront this problem and make the small change, that can cause a HUGE impact.

It all happens with a choice.

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